In our constant concern for the environment, Chateau Potrero Seco’s commitment is to achieve sustainability in all processes, with the firm objective of minimizing its environmental impact.

Rainwater infiltration lagoon and irrigation water, reeds that help filter and renew the waters, reeds that are then used in the moorings of the vine guides.

Groundwater from mountain melting is used to irrigate our vineyards.

Control of fermentation temperature by recirculation of fresh water, from an accumulator tank, water that after passing through the cooling plates of the tanks returns to the cistern.

Harvesting and manual selection of bunches in order to reduce pollution caused by the use of harvesting machines.

Irrigation by technical drip in order to optimize and care for water resources.

Ecological fermenters (Ganimede®) which use the CO2 released by the alcoholic fermentation as energy to carry out the pump-ups and thus not require the use of electrical energy.

Bio-ecological treatment pool (Wetland), developed by Fundación Chile, where the water and waste from the harvesting and wine-making process are treated and then returned to the irrigation canals.

Vegetable layer outside the cellar, which added to the walls and interior lining of the cellar, allow to maintain an optimum interior temperature for all processes, without the use of energy.

Our environmentally friendly crops and processes make us proud, they allow us to achieve different, harmonious and, above all, pleasant wines to drink.