Chateau Potrero Seco wines come from our family vineyard located in the Maipo Valley.

This privileged terroir of alluvial soils is considered the best and most traditional Chilean wine region for high-quality wine production.

Its particular geological characteristics, where rocky soils of alluvial origin prevail, together with the breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean that sweeps through the Maipo River basin, provide great thermal amplitude, with warm mornings and afternoons and cool nights, generating a microclimate that allows for the optimal development and maturation of our grapes.

Grapes carefully grown and hand-picked by a group of people that select bunches and seeds with great dedication, in a cutting-edge harvesting line.

After fermentation in automated ecological tanks -of Italian origin (Ganimede®)- the wines rest for a long time inside French oak barrels in our family winery until bottled.