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Attractive deep red color. Blackberry, dehydrated black plum, blueberries, chocolate smoked ham aromas and a touch of smoke. The palate is fresh and youthful with pleasant and warm tannins, well-combined black fruit that leaves a fresh, warm aftertaste and good acidity.
13.0% VOL.
Food pairing
Lamb meats; poultry.

Petit Verdot

Red, almost purple color. The nose carries blackcurrant, tomato leaves, ripe strawberries, cocoa, tobacco and rhubarb. The palate has a good pleasant and intense tannic structure, the mid-palate is intense with a warm aftertaste.
13.3% VOL.
Food pairing
Ideal for game meat and Chilean food

Cabernet Franc

Intense and attractive red color. The nose carries intense ripe blackcurrant, black cherries, clove, pepper and dark chocolate, very special. The palate has great structure and character, firm, warm and mature tannins of good weight, slightly rough, good ripe fruit, which combined with the tannins is elegant and has great future.
13.5% VOL.
Food pairing
Roast meats, stews, cheeses, vegetable stew.


Cherry red color. The nose carries raspberries and ripe red cherries, a note of vanilla spices and white pepper. The palate has good freshness and structure, its tannins are pleasant, soft, light and ripe, good pairing with fruit, light mid-palate.
13.9% VOL.
Food pairing
Game meats; stews or casseroles; cheeses; baked fish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep red Cabernet Sauvignon with garnet shades. The nose carries a floral note of dried red roses, then blackberry, blackcurrant, black cherries, pepper and dark chocolate. The palate is intense, has a great initial taste and a floral note with intense tannins, ripe and soft almost silky, great weight in mid-palate, great character.
Elegant aftertaste.
13.9% VOL.
Food pairing
Red meats, game meats; lamb; stews; meats with sauces.


Deep red color. The nose carries black cherries and notes of ripe blackberry, light tomato leaves, black pepper, ripe red paprika. The palate has great structure and freshness with warm and mature tannins, good weight in mid-palate, light chocolate, frank and good character. Fresh, warm and long aftertaste.
13.3% VOL.
Food pairing
Red meat; lamb; vegetable stews; grilled vegetables.


Purple color. The nose carries black cherries, dried plum, ripe blackcurrant, bitter chocolate, black pepper,
tobacco and a slight mineral touch. The palate is intense with great tannic structure, the tannins are ripe
and fine, warm and elegant, slightly dry with spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon, nice black fruit. Elegant
aftertaste with a slight astringency.
14.0% VOL.
Food pairing
Cheese, pasta and meat.

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